WillPlay: Learning Resources

These Learning Resources are designed for both teacher and student use, in the classroom and at home. They are tied into learning objectives for GCSE English study of the play. Drawing on the student's experience of the completed WillPlay chat, each resource includes a task, an example student answer and an extension.

Death Task: Character
'What's in a name?'

In WillPlay's Romeo & Juliet many of Shakespeare's Characters have social media handles (usernames, like @RomeoRomeo). These handles do not all take the form you might expect to find in a cast list. Each one has been chosen to tell you something about Shakespeare's Characterisation.

Choose 3 of the social media handles you have encountered in WillPlay's Romeo & Juliet For each one, analyse what you think the handle tells you about the character. Evidence what you have said about each character with a quotation from the play.

Student Example:

Handle: @Capulet_Tybalt

Analysis: Tybalt's handle places his family name before his first name because, to him, family, particularly family honour, is more important than individuals.

Evidence: 'Now, by the stock and honour of my kin, To strike him dead I hold it not a sin.'

Extension: Can you create a better social media handle for one of the characters in WillPlay's Romeo & Juliet ? Can you find a character from Romeo & Juliet who does not appear in the WillPlay version and create a social media handle for them? Be ready to explain the choices you make!